Dancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Food Kingdom

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Attention: We now also accept restaurants branches in our mall FOR FREE! Branches of our mall can also enjoy certain privileges. Click here to learn more!
Welcome to the brand new Food Kingdom!
Food kingdom.png

Welcome to Dancing Penguin City's first, Moon Island's third mall - the Food Kingdom! Unlike other malls in Moon Island, our mall specializes food only! We have numerous restaurants on different floors here. Please enjoy exploring here! Thanks.

Our Floors[edit]

Floor Restaurant Origin Logo (if any) Owner
9/F Penguin Queen San Vancelton PenguinQueenLogo.png Asemhar
8/F Food Factory Pikalugia City Comingsoonshops.png Pikalugia
7/F Arctic Blue Dancing Penguin City Arctic blue.png Dps04
6/F Moon Island Bakery Dancing Penguin City Moon Island Bakery.png Dps04
5/F King Klepto Newcostle KingKlepto.png Rockhopperfan
4/F B&V Restaurants Pallinn B&VRestaurants-logo.png Snowstormer
3/F Snack Attack Dancing Penguin City Snack attack.png Dps04
2/F Klutzy's Ice Cream Dancing Penguin City Klutzy's Ice Cream.png Dps04
1/F Food for ALL Dancing Penguin City Food for ALL.png Dps04
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