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Moon Island

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First Avenue News Flash
  • Moon Island eastern coast surfing will be available soon!
  • A pier will be built at the Eastern Coast.
  • The Food Kingdom has just opened. Please request a shop there FOR FREE by clicking here.

Around this area: Second Avenue, First Avenue West, First Avenue East
Dancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Penguin ExpressDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Pizza IglooDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Aunt Arctic CoffeeDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Rockhopper Fried ChickenDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/McPufflesDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Sushi RoyaleDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/SensayDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Food KingdomDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Food Spin WheelDancing Penguin City/First Avenue/Car ParkDancing Penguin City/Second AvenueDancing Penguin City/First Avenue WestDancing Penguin City/First Avenue EastFirst Avenue2.jpg
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Welcome to First Avenue, Dancing Penguin City!
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List of Locations in First Avenue, Dancing Penguin City[edit]

Name of Location Logo Type Enter
Food Kingdom Food kingdom.png Plaza (Food) Click here
Food Spin Wheel! Food spin wheel 2.png Restaurant Click here
Penguin Express Penguin Express.png Restaurant Click here
Pizza Igloo Pizza Igloo.png Restaurant Click here
Aunt Arctic Coffee Aunt Arctic Coffee.png Restaurant Click here
Rockhopper Fried Chicken Rfc.png Restaurant Click here
McPuffles McPuffles2.png Restaurant Click here
SenSay Sensay.png Restaurant Click here
Sushi Royale Sushi Royale2.png Restaurant Click here
Car Park (First Avenue) -- Car Park Click here

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