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News Flash[edit]

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  • Dancing Penguin City subway is under construction! Before construction ends, click here for a free gift!
  • Sports Mall, Fashion Mall and Food Mall are all opened! To request a branch, send a message to Dps04's Talk Page.
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Welcome to a city of hope and future!

Dancing Penguin City.png

Welcome to Dancing Penguin City, a city being part of the independent Moon Island. From small shops to world-class brands ; from a shopping tour to a relaxing paradise - Dencing Penguin has a bit of everything you would want to have in a cosmopolitan city to a rural village. Situated at the crossroads of the country and the world, Dancing Penguin City is a destination for travelers far and wide. Here is more about our city:

Dancing Penguin City (a.k.a. DP city) is the capital and second largest city of Moon Island. Since its foundation in August 2012, it has been one of the best shopping areas of Moon Island, as well as one of the best dining capitals of the country. It is also the only major city in the Eastern coast of the island, and it is the Northmenmost major city in the Shops wiki.

We hope you enjoy your time here. Thank you.

Mayor and president Dps04. Dps04's Helper Penstubal.

Where do you want to begin your magical journey?[edit]

First Avenue (a.k.a Restaurant Street)

You will find the best restaurants in the first avenue of DP City!
Food kingdom.pngAunt Arctic Coffee.pngPenguin Express.pngPizza Igloo.pngRfc.pngMcPuffles2.pngSensay.pngSushi Royale2.png

Click here to enter First Avenue!

Second Avenue (a.k.a Brands Street)

Brands most popular in Moon Island are all located here!
Rocci.pngLane Cadence.pngGarysonic.pngPenguins communication.pngMase.pngPenguin eleven.png

Click here to enter Second Avenue!