Club Penguin Shops:Council/September 15, 2012 (Summary)

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Club Penguin Shops Council Meeting #1
Date September 15, 2012
Time 8:00 AM PT
Director TheBroMaster, Brookelas
Bureaucrats TheBroMaster
Mario Rk
Administrators Brookelas
Regular Users Star kirby12
Below is a council meeting summary for September 15, 2012.

Keep the council[edit]

This was skipped as we will keep the council.

Make the site more friendly[edit]

We decided we'll be making the site more friendly, by bringing back fun things.

For Abstain Against
4 0 0

Network Representatives[edit]

We decided to have network representatives if the network needs them.

For Abstain Against
6 0 0

Shops Info Center Admins[edit]

We decided not to promote our admins at the info center, and not any of the admins here either.

For Abstain Against
0 0 5

Promote a Third Bureaucrat[edit]

The first decision was to promote a third bureaucrat, the admins will however discuss it later.

For Abstain Against
4 0 2

Transparency Team[edit]

We decided on to not have a transparency team.

For Abstain Against
0 4 1

Reorganize the Events Team[edit]

We decided on reorganizing the event team.

For Abstain Against
3 2 0

Abolish the Term "Leaders"[edit]

We decided on to formally abolish the term "Leaders". No voting was done.

How often should we have council meetings?[edit]

For - Every 1 month Abstain - Every 2 months Against - Every 3 - 4 months

Even though those were the suggestions, we decided to have a council whenever we have enough topics and there's a need for a council.