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The Wall of Fame is a special recognition to any user who has impacted Club Penguin Shops and made it a fun website to visit, as decided by our community.
If any inductees of the Wall wish to change their image, please contact an administrator.

Chirpoenix.png Ben 100022 founded the wiki way back in 2010, and it's safe to say that without him, Shops wouldn't even be here!
Chill57181.png Chill57181 was one of the six original founders and the only one to still be active in this community. When Shops moved from Wikia to the Club Penguin Wiki Network, he helped revive the community. His malls, Chill World and its successor FreezeShop, were one of the most successful malls in Shops history. Chill is also the longest serving administrator, helping to keep order within the community.
CK1.png Cp kid joined Shops back in 2011 and has since become one of the most influential users in Shops history. He was known for making Shops more structured with the introduction of our current council system, and he also brought the community together with projects like Mall of the Month and Clean Up Shops.
LordMaster96WoF.png LordMaster96 was one of the most influential users in 2011. Though he was never an administrator, he created the banking system which is still in use today, as well as the subway. He also opened the Island West Mall, which introduced the concept of custom items, which no doubt changed Shops forever.
BroWOF.png TheBroMaster is now an active member on Fanon, but before that, he helped Shops become the creative melting pot it currently is. As a member of the events team, he helped create some of Shops' events from 2012, from the Festival of Flight to the Summer Party. Bro also introduced the concept of more affordable items and the "one page mall" with Shoptastic Center.

Do you know someone who should be up here? Have they made a difference on the site?

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Credit for the Wall of Fame design goes to Chill57181.