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Effective January 19, 2014, the Subway has been shut down. It has been kept for archival purposes. Feel free to use it, but please note that most or all of the stores on the Subway are closed or inactive. Please refer to the Places to Go section of the homepage for a complete, up-to-date listing of all open malls and shops. Thank you for your understanding.

Looking to get around places easier? Take the Subway! Hop on a train and start browsing through the shops! Here's a subway map:

Click where you want to go!
Grand StationXMallPens-T-Ubal MallTista SenterGGD Super MallAtum's Fantastic Mall of Goodness!Childen's StorePengyMallSupercityCK MallChill WorldThe Great MallNinja MallMountain Mall???StockmallTyphoon MallSubwayMap.PNG

Go to Grand Station by clicking here.