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We are a democratic site, and every major change that will be made and council topics on Shops passes through a community vote before it's made. This means that our users decide if it will be accepted or not. However, not everybody that comes to our site can vote, so we made some rules to prevent people that aren't part of our community to take decisions. These are our requirements to vote in forums and proposed wiki ideas:

  • You must have an account on the Club Penguin Wiki Network (This wiki is located on the network, so if you have an account here it is the same thing).
  • The reason you must have an account is so that you actually use that account while voting. Unfortunately, unregistered users cannot vote.
  • You must be an active member of the community by either:
  • Operating a shop within the past six months. Your shop must be at least one month old (or wait one month after re-opening your shop) before voting.
  • Placing an order within the past month. In order to qualify to vote, the order must be placed at the latest the day before the vote is made.
  • Users that do not meet either of these criteria but are still active on the IRC channel may vote only in topics that directly affect the IRC channel.
  • You cannot vote or ask someone to vote on your behalf if you are currently banned.

Violation of the voting policy will result in your vote being removed. No further action will be taken beyond that.