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Abusing multiple accounts (more commonly known as "sockpuppeting" or "sockpuppetry") is not allowed at Shops. This also counts with mall mascots.

Note: If more than one sockpuppets are created with each offense, the block DOUBLES.

Exempt from rule[edit]

  • Official Club Penguin Shops Famous Penguin accounts (mall mascot accounts are not allowed)
  • Legitimate bots approved by the administration.


  • First offense: Warning (user), if wanted, merge with your original account (or infinite block for sockpuppet)
  • Second offense: 1 month (user), infinite (sockpuppet(s))
  • Third offense: 3 months (user), infinite (sockpuppet(s))
  • Fourth offense: 6 months (user), infinite (sockpuppet(s))
  • Fifth offense: Infinite (both user and sockpuppet(s))

Other conditions[edit]

  • If you're a new user and didn't know it, you will only get a warning.
  • If you have forgotten your password and didn't provide an email, it will not count.
  • Other explained reasons.