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Signatures are an important part of the Club Penguin Shops. They are used to sign talk page messages, cast votes, and many other things. Although users may be creative with their signatures, we do have our limits. In order to prevent spammy signatures, we have come up with this signature policy.

All signatures MUST, with no exceptions:

  • be no more than 750 bytes in size.
  • have no more than two images.
  • have images that are or less than 20px in size.
  • ONLY link to essential user pages, a mall, and have a short message.

We also recommend the following:

  • Avoid using <br> in signatures.
  • Avoid using a name other than your username. Usernames such as Chill57181, however, can be written as just "Chill" on a signature.
  • Avoid using a template instead of your actual signature. Templates do not produce datestamps.

Please note:

  • Having a hundred tiny images in your signature does not count. All signatures must contain up to two images, no exceptions.
  • Some parts of wikicode, such as <br>, can glitch pages when used in a signature, so we avoid using this.
  • A signature is not a work of art. It is simply a way for users to know who posted a message or cast a vote.

If you find out that your signature does not meet our guidelines, please visit Special:Preferences and change your signature. Otherwise, the admins will take action.


  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: Warning and removal of signature
  • Third offense: Three-day block
  • Fourth offense: One week block
  • All other offenses: Discussed by the administration. May result in removal of signature editing rights.