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This is the Privacy Policy. You are not required to give Club Penguin Shops or the Club Penguin Wiki Network any information you don't want out there. However, as this website is a public place, we highly recommend that you give as little of your personal information as possible. As a rule of thumb, do not reveal anything you don't want strangers to know.

Please read the Club Penguin Wiki Network's privacy policy. If you don't agree with any of the terms listed in the privacy policy, please discontinue the use of Shops immediately.

What you shouldn't (but still can) give out:[edit]

  • Your name: While giving out your first name is fine, we highly recommend against releasing your last/full name.
  • Your location: A general location is fine, like the state/province you live in and, if it has a large population, your city. However, do not reveal your home address.
  • Your phone number/e-mail address: We highly discourage you releasing your phone number and/or email address, as you may receive spam messages, or even worse, attack messages.

What you cannot give out whatsoever:[edit]

  • Any credit card or banking info.
  • Your social security address.


Revealing information about yourself[edit]

Your information is out there. If for whatever reason you decide to reveal any of your personal information, no action will be taken against you. However, do know that others can do whatever they want with the information you decide to give out, for good and for bad, so be aware of that. If you give out any potentially sensitive information, it will be removed as quickly as possible.

Others revealing info. about you[edit]

If you release personal information about other users without their permission, you can be in major trouble. Here at Shops, we don't like any of our users feeling like their privacy has been violated or their information has been "exposed".

  • 1st violation: 1 week
  • 2nd violation: 1 month
  • 3rd violation: discussed by the administration; likely a year or more.

Note to users: If another user released personal information about you such as your name, specific place that you live (address, city, or something from an IP search), or anything else that you didn't give them permission to find and reveal to the public, please tell an administrator immediately, so they can be dealt with accordingly.