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Here at the Club Penguin Shops, we want all users to be able to express the creativity in themselves. However, to prevent any unnecessary spam, the following limitations are in place.

Virtual environments[edit]

Per council measure effective March 2014

A virtual environment is defined as any environment that replicates games or applications found elsewhere on the internet or on a computer. Specifically, these include:

  • Operating systems
  • Knockoff Club Penguin games

Here on the Club Penguin Shops, virtual environments like the ones mentioned above are banned. These will be deleted, and offenders will receive a warning. If you're unsure what constitutes as a virtual environment, please contact an administrator.


Per council measure effective January 2015

A mall is defined as any building that houses two or more stores and/or services where users may purchase items.

Users here on the Club Penguin Shops are only allowed to manage one open mall at a time. Exceptions can be made with prior approval from an administrator. If a user makes another mall without prior approval from an administrator, the mall will be deleted and the offender will receive a warning.

NOTICE: Malls made before January 24, 2015 are grandfathered from this policy.