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This is the Inactive Malls policy, defining what an inactive mall is and what will be done to one.

What is an inactive mall?

An inactive mall is defined as a mall that hasn't been edited by its owner(s) for three months. This includes the main page of the mall, stores, and other places.

What will be done to inactive malls?

In order to prevent new users from accidentally shopping at inactive malls, the following actions will be done.

  • If you decide to leave the wiki for whatever reason, please be sure to add the {{Closed}} template on your mall page, and remove it from the Malls Category.
  • If a mall is left abandoned without explanation for three months, an administrator or another user will add the Closed template.

Malls that have been shut down by its owner or declared inactive will be removed from the list of locations on the main page.

What if I decide to become active again?

If you decide to come back to Shops, please remove the {{Closed}} template from your mall and add the back to your mall. Please contact an administrator so that your mall will be placed back on the main page in a timely manner.