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Here at Club Penguin Shops, we like to secure the safety of all users on and off the site. If you are caught breaking any rules on Shops' IRC channel, you will be blocked.

Actions you shouldn't commit

  • Begging for Channel Operator status. (Will get you kicked, or banned if you continue.)


Please, we do not like it when you impersonate other users and register nicknames similar to their usernames. For example, if a user's name is "Example29", do not register Example29, Example29_, Example_29, and it would be suggested that you avoid registering anything with Example29 in it as well just to be sure. Even if you take another user's nick on IRC just to troll them, harass them or cause confusion among users, it will still be considered as impersonation (although trolling or harassing the actual user by having their nickname might intertwine with the harassment policy). In addition, do not try to impersonate mall mascots or wiki mascots by using their nicks unless you are given specific permission to do so by the creator of the mascot.

If you knowingly break this policy, you will be asked to "drop" the registered nicks within the next day, and if you do not comply you will be blocked from the #clubpenguinwiki-shops IRC channel until you comply.

If another user has registered a nickname similar to yours just to harass you or impersonate you while you're not around, please report it to an administrator or a CPWN staff member.

Multiple accounts

On our IRC channel, we don't mind if you have multiple persona's/accounts/nicks on at one time, as long as they have a good reason to be there.

Ok: CK and CKMallMascot on at the same time.
NOT Ok: Miron and apple-pie on at the same time. Apple pie is not a mascot in miron's mall, so he has no place being on the channel at the same time as Miron.

So, spare accounts are allowed, but generally it's a good idea to recieve permission first or the spare account(s) will be kicked, and possibly banned if it happens multiple times.

Bring bots to the channel

As with the aforementioned rule, we don't mind bots on the channel, as long as they are permitted to be there. For your bot to be on the channel, you must first get permission from an administrator- you also need to give the administrator(s) a reason of why your bot should be allowed on the channel. If you do not get permission to bring your bot on the channel, it will be kicked, or possibly banned.

Spam on the channel

We don't appreciate people who like to spam on the channel, especially if the spam is random gibberish. There is a difference between random gibberish and talking spam (such as posting one word per line), and usually the latter is ok. However, we would still appreciate it if you try not to spam at all.


  • Depending on the policy you broke on IRC.
  • Spamming
  • Please note, the following punishments do not "reset" on a daily basis. They are permanent, and will keep stacking up the more you spam.
-First violation: Kick from the channel.
-Second violation: 5-15 minute ban on the channel.
-Third violation: 20-25 minute ban on the channel.
-Each additional time you spam will result in a higher ban time, with a maximum of three days, for extreme cases. Please note that any spam ban time is available to admin discretion, to whatever ban time they feel is appropriate for the situation.


Here, we disregard most reports of abuse on personal channels or Private Messages (PMs). If we receive reports of these, they will be disregarded unless someone PM'd you just for the sake of targeting and harassment. Admins may ask for a pastebin or a screenshot aswell, otherwise your report may be disregarded.

Please note that everything on this page, or referring to IRC behavior and punishment in general is up for discretion by the current channel Ops, as long as they have a legitimate reason for punishing a user.