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This is the Items policy, detailing the items you're allowed and not allowed to upload, as well as consequences for plagiarism.

What items am I allowed to upload?[edit]

You are able to upload the following items:

  • 100% custom items made by you
  • Recolors/reskins of Club Penguin items
  • Public domain images (see below)

If you upload a Club Penguin item recolor or a 100% custom item, you'll automatically assume all rights to the item. If you'd like to use a custom item/recolor another user has uploaded, please kindly ask.

Can I upload Club Penguin items?[edit]

Although we are the Club Penguin Shops, you are not allowed to upload any items from Club Penguin. We have an extensive database filled with Club Penguin Items, and chances are that you'll be able to find the item you want to sell there. Anyone can use the items featured in the database without requesting prior permission.

If you do upload any Club Penguin items, they will be deleted and replaced with an identical one from our database. If the item doesn't already exist in our database, we'll upload a high-quality image of said item for the database.

What about other items on the internet?[edit]

Public domain images[edit]

You're free to upload images from the public domain (like photos of McDonald's, Walmart, Target, etc. items), as long as said image doesn't already exist on the wiki. For example, if there is already an image of a Big Mac from the McDonald's USA website on Shops, you're not allowed to upload a duplicate. If you'd like to use a public domain image that another user already uploaded, do please kindly ask.

100% custom image or Club Penguin item recolor/reskin made by someone else[edit]

If you'd like to use an image that's 100% custom and made by someone unaffiliated with the Club Penguin Wiki Network, you must seek the proper permissions by either directly asking permission from the author or following any Creative Commons guidelines. Note that you must receive written permission from the original creator of the image, no exceptions.

What if I don't seek permission from the mall owner?[edit]

If you don't seek permission from the creator of an item before selling it at a mall, you're committing plagiarism, claiming that an item made by someone else is your own. If for whatever reason you commit plagiarism, the following consequences will be given.


  • First/Second Offense: Warning
  • Third Offense: 1-day block
  • Fourth Offense: 3-day block
  • Fifth Offense: Discussed by the administration