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  • All users start out with 500 WB$
  • Salaries of 150 WB$ are paid every month to all users, unless they are blocked, three months after no transaction or are inactive.
  • If there is a transaction that you (as a merchant or buyer) do not approve of, you may contact an administrator with valid proof that it did not happen.

See more bank rules here.



  • First offense: -250 WB$
  • Second offense: -500 WB$
  • Third offense: -1,000 WB$
  • Fourth offense: -5,000 WB$
  • Fifth offense: Indefinite ban


  • First offense: 1 day ban
  • Second offense: 3 day ban
  • Third and Fourth offense: 1 week ban.
  • Fifth offense: 2 week ban