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Average Rating:
3.3 / 5
Rate3Stars.png Decent By Yoshi11

Dang, I made that old review when I was, like, ten or something? I was still known as mariocrossing1 back then! Geez. It is now 2014. I pretty much quit Shops, but I still do stuff here. One of those things is mall reviews.

Lollipop Mall has that kind of charm. The items are not the best, but I need to appreciate the MS Paint items and the lack of transparent backgrounds. Plus, it's nice to have someone greeting you with, not just text, but also a picture. The prices are also quite fair. Navigation is average, but you will get used to it fast.

The only problem with this mall is that it doesn't seem to be updated much. Similar to the old Yoshi Egg Center I proudly owned, Lollipop has a bunch of old items. Everything just looks so similar. While I would recommend this mall somewhat, it just doesn't seem to be relevant here in 2014.

Rate3Stars.png By Broseph16

I kinda like it. It's super easy to navigate, and it's items are creative. I just wish they were transparent... Also, the idea to have a different store for a different currency is stupid.

Rate5Stars.png By Chill57181

I think it's possibly one of the best malls on Shops. A few items are weird and nothing is transparent, but who cares? This mall pretty much just screams original, pretty much everything in the mall is hand-drawn, the mascots are all never-before-seen, and a lot of the events like the Mario Takeover are brand new to Lollipop Mall too.

Rate5Stars.png By Star kirby12

Lollipop Mall is getting better every second Lollipop is on. No, millisecond. No, nanosecond. No- *shot*

Rate3Stars.png By Kari

I DO enjoy the fact that the items are unique, such as a bowl of pasta as a hat, and some of the newer clothes, though not transparent, look pretty good. However, some of the stuff isn't as nice looking as you'd expect, so sorry.

Rate5Stars.png By Cp kid

Wow... Idk why all of you are rating this mall so badly... Lollipop's a great person for starters. Also, who cares if the items have a white BG on them or not?!(transparency) I mean honestly, Lollipop CREATES all of his items on the computer... He doesn't just change the color of some CP items... Almost EVERYTHING in the Lollipop Mall is custom created, and is very unique. Just for that I'd give him a 5, because he's probably a better artist than most of the other users here :P Keep up the good work Lollipop!

Rate2.5Stars.png Review By Quackerpingu

Orders are late and i still have to pay for them.

Rate4.5Stars.png Great! By Ninja Penguins

Although I never shopped here, the items are fantastic and original. Everything is hand drawn, which is pretty impressive

Rate5Stars.png AMESOME! By Elfarcher123


Rate5Stars.png Lollipop Mall Review By DJDiamond

Great place!