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How would you review certain malls on Club Penguin Shops, good, bad, or average? No matter what your review is, this is the place to be!

If you want your mall or shop to be up here, please visit this page and follow the directions given.

Malls up for review

Note: You may not review your own mall or shop. If you're going to criticize a mall, please let it be a constructive criticism rather than plain out "bashing" a user or the mall that they've worked hard on, as that may hurt their feelings and be classified as bullying.


  • Needs major improvements - Ratings 1-1.9
  • Not quite up-to-par - Ratings 2-2.9
  • Average - Ratings 3-3.9
  • Good, but not the best it can be - Ratings 4-4.5
  • Great! - Ratings 4.6-5
Mall/Shop Average user rating Total ratings
5 / 5

Open for reviews
Lollipop Mall
3.3 / 5

Open for reviews
The Mare Mall
0 / 5

Open for reviews
3.4 / 5

Open for reviews