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Welcome to the Club Penguin Shops public library! You can't "check out" books, but while you're here you can read stories made by users like you. You can even write your own stories and submit them to be added to our shelves! So enjoy the library, and keep reading!

Submit Stories[edit]

If you'd like your stories to be added to the library, please submit them here.



New Reads[edit]

Here are the stories that have been entered to the library in the last month. Newer stories are towards the top.

Unfortunately, no stories have been submitted to the library this month.

Seasonal Stories[edit]

Unfortunately, nobody has written any seasonal stories relating to the current season.



Series Works
(Not So) Elite Penguin Force
By Chill57181
(Not So) Elite Penguin Force
Puffle Launcher Lawn Chair
Paper Chill
Mission to Destroy COPPA
Time Travelers
The Mega Snowball Fight
Spies Around the World
A (Not So) Spooky Halloween
A (Not So) Merry Christmas
Spies Around the World: The Goopmajig
The Dps04 Scripts Series
By Dps04
#1: My Awesome Life - The Dps04 Story
#2: East vs. West - The Cold War
#3: The New Wiki Deal
6 Season Outlet Mall Books
By Brookelas
Year 1 Yearbook
Stonecutter Storybook

Individual Stories[edit]

Some of these stories may be part of a series, however, they are in this area because a second story for the series hasn't been written or submitted yet.

Catali2016 and Friends: Part 1
By TCPS100
Chombo the Cowardly Chicken: Part I
By Penstubal
Christmas Mayhem
By Dave33333
Happy New Year
By Yuri102212
Island Theories
By Mandog
Penstubal's Totally Crazy Adventures: The Very Beginning
By Penstubal
Sci-Fi Story
By Rainbow Puffles
Slender the Bounty Hunter
By Slenderman
Shaker (Censored Version)
By Yoshi11
Stupid Novels: Flight 113
By Yoshi11