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Welcome to the official page for all Club Penguin Shops events; Past, present and future!

Also, check out our mascots here!

Current Event(s)

There are no official events occurring at this time.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events have been planned at this time.

Previous Events

Please, do not take any items from this page. They are only here for historical purposes. Free items may not be 100% complete or accurate.


Halloween Party 2010

  • When: October 29th - November 2nd
  • Description: Have fun at the CPSW' first ever Halloween Party!
  • Items: Candy Maze BG
  • Mascots: Gary

CPSW Snow Days

  • When: December 3rd, 2010 - January 2nd, 2011
  • Description: Unknown
  • Items: Chilly Trek Hat (December 3-5)
    Green Elf Hat (December 6-13)
  • Mascots: None

Christmas Party 2010

  • When: December 17th - December 27th
  • Description: Merry Christmas, CPSW! Rock the house in our first ever Christmas Party!
  • Items: Santa Hat (?)
  • Famous Penguins: Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper


Pink Day

  • When: July 18th - July 21st
  • Description: Welcome to the FIRST EVER color party!
  • Items: Pink Day Tee, Pink Day Necklace
  • Mascots: Cadence

Game Weekend

  • When: July 22nd - July 24th
  • Description: Ready for some fun? We hope so, because this weekend, there will be lots to do, including a big party on Club Penguin itself, lots of visits from lots of famous penguins, and a brand new arcade opening up for the celebration!
  • Items: Mario Tee, Luigi Tee, Sonic Sneakers
  • Mascots: Cadence, Rockhopper, Sensei, Gary

Wacky Party

  • When: July 26th- July 31st
  • Description: Our first ever Wacky Outfit Event will start later July! Have some fun with a wacky party in CP, some awesome decorations in malls and on the main page, famous penguins and the Box Dimension mall which will be a special mall for the party! There will also be a contest for a surprise prize: who can make the wackiest shop with the wackiest clothes ever!
  • Items: Yellow Propeller Cap, Funny Face Glasses, Swirly Glasses
  • Mascots: Franky, Rookie

Back to School Days

  • Date: August 10th-August 15th.
  • Information: Stuff around the site will be 50% off for back to school shopping.
  • Free items: None.
  • Mascots: Aunt Arctic.

Anniversary Party

  • Date: August 15th
  • Information: Get ready for the first ever CPS anniversary!
  • Free items: 1st Year Anniversary Hat
  • Mascots: Lavender

Harvest Celebration

  • Date: August 31st-September 10th
  • Information: Site-wide harvest celebration! You'll be able to meet some of your favorite penguins.
  • Free Items: Straw Hat
  • Mascots: Gary, Rookie, Penguin Band

Thanksgiving Party (Canada)

  • Date: October 1st-October 10th
  • Information: Thanksgiving party for people in Canada!
  • Free Items: Rake
  • Mascots: Aunt Arctic

Hallow's Eve

  • Date: October 31st
  • Information: Halloween party!
  • Free items: Pumpkin Basket, TBA
  • Mascots: Gary

Thanksgiving Party (USA)

  • Date: November 17th-November 24th
  • Information: Thanksgiving party for people in the USA!
  • Free Items: Pilgrim Hat
  • Mascots: Aunt Arctic


Retro Weekend

  • Date: January 6th-January 9th
  • Information: The CPSW reverts its logo for the jump-back to the "Wikia Days"! Feel like we did when the CPSW first opened!
  • Free Items: Blue Felt Hat, Blue Zoot Suit, Blue Zoot Shoes, and Skinny Blue Tie
  • Mascots: Sensei and Gary

Color Party

  • Date: January 16th - January 22nd
  • Information: A colorful party to start the New Year off. Could purchase Rainbow Puffle and other items from the CPSW Party Mall/Color Store
  • Free Items: Jet Black Color, Old Blue Color,Maroon Color, Lavender Color (meeting Lavender)
  • Mascots: Lavender, Penguin Band, Rookie

Underwater Disco Party

This event never happened.

  • Date: January 29th - February 5th
  • Information: Dive underwater and get funky!
  • Free Items: Boombox, Aqua Disco BG, Shell Belt
  • Mascots: Cadence, Rookie, Klutzy

Valentines Party

  • Date: February 12th - February 16th
  • Information: Happy Valentines Day!
  • Free Items: Heart Tee, Friendship Bracelet
  • Mascots: Aunt Arctic, Cadence

Pirate Quest

  • Date: February 27 - March 9
  • Information: Arrrrrr! Explore new Islands! Get lots of Free Items! Pirate Quest!
  • Free Items: Eyepatch, Blue Puffle Bandanda, Brown Pirate Hat, Bloody Eye Patch, Bloody Life Vest, Bloody Pirate Boots, Tiki Mask, Diamond Viking Helmet
  • Mascots: Rockhopper

St Patrick's Party

  • Date: March 12 - March 18
  • Information: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Find the End of the Rainbow to discover a Secret Room!
  • Free Items: Unknown
  • Mascots: None

April Fools

  • Date: March 30th - April 5th
  • Information: Happy April Fools! Do a Food Fight Scavenger Hunt for us and get a prize!
  • Free Items: Unknown
  • Mascots: Rookie, Box Creator


  • Date: April 6th - April 10th
  • Information: Happy Easter! Do our Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!
  • Free Items: Magenta Bunny Ears, Easter Lighthouse Shirt
  • Mascots: Easter Penguin

Earth Day

  • Date: April 19th - April 29th
  • Information: Happy Earth Day! Show your support for the Earth by visiting the NEW Recycling Plant and Community Garden!
  • Free Items: Unknown
  • Mascots: Gary, Farmer Ted

Mexican Party

  • Date: May 4th - May 7th
  • Information: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Complete the Scavenger Hunt!
  • Free Items: Mexican Mini Sombrero
  • Mascots: None

Music Jam

  • Date: June 4th - June 20th
  • Information: Come on and rock CPS! Also, the Penguin Band has a mystery that they need help with...
  • Free Items: Unknown
  • Mascots: Penguin Band, Cadence

Summer Party

  • Date: July 6th - July 27th
  • Information: Summer Party is here! Look around in a summery CPS! More soon...
  • Free Items: Unknown
  • Mascots: Rookie, Klutzy

CPS 2nd Anniversary

  • Date: August 14th - 16th
  • Information: Happy Birthday CPS! Get a free party hat!
  • Free Items: 2nd Anniversary Hat, Slice of Cake, - CPS T-Shirt, Lavender's Party Hat, and Lavender's Background (for people who met him on IRC)
  • Mascots: Lavender

Festival of Flight

  • Date: September 15th - October 4th
  • Information: Club Penguin Shops is rising... Rising... What's going on? Explore the Cloud Maze, Create a Cloud, or go to the Cloud Plaza and the Flying Store!
  • Free Items: Old Beta Propeller Cap
  • Mascots: Gary

Halloween Party

  • Date: October 27th - November 3rd
  • Information: Boo! The scariest party of the year!
  • Free Items: Unknown
  • Mascots: Gary

Colorful Carnival

  • Date: November 10th - November 16th
  • Information: Explore CPS in all it's colorful glory during the Colorful Carnival!
  • Free Items: Farmlands Tee, Farmlands Cap, The Electric Red n' Pink
  • Mascots: Farmer Ted

Christmas Party 2012

  • Date: December 2012
  • Information: Deck the halls with jolly shoppers! Get ready to have fun at the biggest Christmas celebration in CPS history!
  • Free Items: Unknown
  • Mascots: Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic


New Year's 2013

  • Date: January 1st - 4th
  • Information: Ring in the new year with awesome items, events, and even awesomer fireworks!
  • Free Items: N/A
  • Mascots: N/A

Summer Kickoff Party 2013

  • When: June 20th - June 30th
  • Description: Enjoy Summer with Tropical Fruits, Beaches and Water GALORE!
  • Free items: Beta Umbrella Hat, Dark Blue Water Wings, Underwater 3D Glasses
  • Mascots: Cadence

Color Party 2013

  • When: July 17th - July 25th
  • Description: Which color will win?
  • Free items: Crazy Blue, Grape Green, Mint, Neon Yellow, New Old Blue, Rainbow Toque
  • Mascots: Rookie

3rd Year Anniversary

  • When: August 15th - August 17th
  • Description: Celebrate Shops' 3rd birthday!
  • Free items: 3rd Year Party Hat
  • Mascots: Lavender

Holiday Party 2013

  • When: December 23rd, 2013 - January 1st, 2014
  • Description: Shops' fourth annual Holiday Party is here, and we're spreading the holiday cheer! Pick up your free gifts from the home page, and have safe and happy holidays!
  • Free items: Lavender Santa Hat, Christmas Spirit Santa Suit, Peppermint Skates
  • Mascots: None


Spring Celebration 2014

  • When: April 18th - April 28th
  • Description: Celebrate Easter, Earth Day and Spring! Oh, and there will be a HUGE surprise no one is expecting...
  • Mascots: Aunt Arctic

Cinco de Mayo Party 2014

  • When: May 3rd - May 8th
  • Description: Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!
  • Free items: Mini Mexican Sombrero, Mexico Forest BG
  • Mascots: None


Summer Party

  • When: June 25th-July 9th
  • Description: Have fun in the sun at the return of CPS parties!
  • Mascots: Cadence


April Fools's Day 2016

  • Time:April 1st-April 2nd
  • Description: lol
  • Items: Lavender Propeller Cap
  • Mascot: nope

Club Penguin Shops Six Year Anniversary

  • When: August 13th to 21st
  • Description: Come celebrate six years of shopping with a free hat and more!
  • Items: 6th Anniversary Hat, 6th Anniversary Cupcake
  • Mascots: None