Club Penguin Shops:Council/November 10-11, 2012 (Summary)

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Club Penguin Shops Council Meeting #2
Date September 10-11, 2012
Time 8:00 AM PT (Nov. 10) - 1:10 PM PT (Nov. 11)
Director TheBroMaster (before being switched on-site)
Bureaucrats TheBroMaster
Mario Rk
Administrators Brookelas
Regular Users None
Logs On-site Vote
Below is a council meeting summary for November 10-11, 2012.

Shops Favicon[edit]

We will obtain a favicon, but there was a tie as to if we should get a new one or not.

For Abstain Against
2 (Get a new one) 2 (Get the old one) 0

Salary Limit[edit]

Salaries will now be limited to users with less than 3000 WB$.

For Abstain Against
5 0 0

Wall of Fame[edit]

An official Club Penguin Shops WoF will be constructed.

For Abstain Against
4 0 1

Bank Salary Schedule[edit]

"Abstain" was the winning vote on this one. We are contemplating building a bot to take over the salary duty from our users.

For Abstain Against
1 4 0

Redesign the Subway Map[edit]

We've voted to redesign the Subway map to make it more like the subway systems of big cities.

For Abstain Against
3 1 1

Official Houses, Pets, and Monthly Mall Fees[edit]

The community unanimously voted against adding these features.

For Abstain Against
0 0 5


We decided to remove the forums from the important links, because they weren't being used often enough.

For Abstain Against
4 0 1

Retire Featured Images[edit]

We decided to not retire them, but to turn them from daily, to weekly.

For Abstain Against
1 4 (Make weekly) 0

Outlaw Music on Talk Pages[edit]

This topic was left undecided due to the fact that a mute button was created.

For Abstain Against
0 3 2

Official Post Service[edit]

We've decided to make an official post service in the future.

For Abstain Against
3 1 1