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There are great cities and ugly cities here at Club Penguin Shops. How would you review them? This is the place to be!

If you want your city/town to be up here, contact an administrator on their talk page.

Cities up for Review[edit]

Note: You may not review your own city/town. Also, if you're going to criticize a city/town please let it be a constructive criticism, rather than plain out "bashing" a user or the city that they've worked hard on, as that may hurt their feelings and be classified as bullying.


  • Needs major improvements - Ratings 1-1.9
  • Not quite up-to-par - Ratings 2-2.9
  • Average - Ratings 3-3.9
  • Good, but not the best it can be - Ratings 4-4.5
  • Great! - Ratings 4.6-5
City/Town Average user rating Total ratings
Dancing Penguin City
4.75 / 5

Open for reviews
Q City
0 / 5

Open for reviews