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Places to Go

If you would like your business on here, just ask an administrator on their talk page!

Mall of the Month
September's Mall of the Month, with 3 votes is...

Diamond Shopping Center!

The shop has a soft navigation system, it lets us feeling confortable with the decorations. Congratulations to DJDiamond, she is really doing a very good work when making this mall. Constant parties and mascots they help me nominating it for the Mall of the Month.
— Prepositions

Diamond Shopping Center was created by DJDiamond only a few months ago in June 2017. In that short time, it has already been nominated for and won Mall of the Month. Congratulations, DJDiamond!

Be sure to nominate and vote for this month's MotM here!

There are no official parties right now. Check malls around Shops and you're likely to find an event. You can look here to see future official events.

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Free Items
There are no free items right now. Check back during an official event.

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