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Sakura Forests Revealed[edit]

Submitted by Gaia
Hello there, earthlings! I am Gaia, the legendary protector of the sacred element of Earth, and the guardian of the fabled Sakura Forests. I have visited you to tell you of a great treasure- the Earth Suit. With all your donated mana bracelets, we will soon be able to open the gateway to the Sakura Fields for good. I am also hoping to set up a shop here in the mall..but this will only become possible if you earthlings can master and collect all 5 pieces of the Earth Suit before that monster returns...
Please take this bracelet. Donating it will help open the gateway to the Sakura Fields once more..

Gaia the Puffle


Don, our humble mailman, and his lover, Orangetta, have disappeared completely. If you see any sign of them, don't be afraid- inform the mall straight away!

To redeem your weekly news item, type in EAR1HPU55L3 in the 'Treasure Book' page for a free item!

Ask Gaia[edit]


Q: Where is the Sakura Fields? (Submitted by Rookie.)
A:It's location is supposed to be in the center of our planet...but that sounds stupid. Who wants to put such a sacred island in an incredibly-hot ball of molten rock?

Q: What is this fabled Earth element? (Submitted by Gary.)
A:It's hard to describe..the Earth element looks like some green gas we skip to the next question please?

Q: What does the Earth Suit look like? (Submitted by Sylvia.)
A:It's an antique-yet somewhat fashionable- robe similar to that of the other Ninja Suits. The only difference is that it's sacred.

Upcoming Events[edit]


Happy Pi Day, Mothers' Day and St. Patricks Day![edit]

Submitted by Aqua
Hey there! Aqua here, ready to celebrate these three amazing days of fun with y'all! The mall will have a few free items and a special pin for you guys to collect! How cool is that? Look out for the new items on the Mall's entrance page, which will be the hub of this cool mini-party. There'll be a quest for you to complete with Sylvia and don't miss out on the fun!
-PartyIcon.png Aquamarina14 (Talk) (Mall)

Item Selection[edit]

This week, Dolphin Diner's amazing array of drinks have been selected! Enjoy a refreshing drink whilst engaging in some window-shopping here at the mall.

Andy Penguino's 'Terra Updates![edit]

Submitted by Andy Penguino
Hey-loo everybodehz! It's meh, Andy Penguino, ready to give y'all some updates on what's going on atm. So far, we've made it through a spooky forest (there weren't any dancing skeletonz tho) and we donated our bracelets to some odd tree. Then, we magically fell into the Sakura Fields...which is amazing. Simply astonishing. Now we're being sent on random quests by this cute puffle thing. Pretty cool, hu?
See you next week with some awesome updates!
-Andy P.

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