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Mystery of the Earth Mana[edit]

Submitted by Aqua
Hey there! Aqua here, ready to tell you guys about the mystery behind the Earth Mana I found in the mall. Unlike the other mana we found..this one was much bigger, and it seemed to radiate a lot more energy than expected. Gaia told me that I should smash it apart! Eventually, we broke through the weird rocky-like infrastructure and found the most amazing thing....ever!
It's the true element of Earth in it's most powerful form- the Star of Te'rra. This legendary star holds the power of growth and rejuvenation, but in order to create the true cosmos, it relies on the other 6 legendary stars which probably don't exist. If you see anything-and by anything, I really do mean anything-that might reveal one of the Elements of me IMMEDIATELY!
OH, and also, Mt. Sakura has been suffering from heavy gusts and storms recently. Be careful when you're climbing up the Mountain! --PartyIcon.png Aquamarina14 (Talk) (Mall) 15:36, 28 March 2015 (UTC)


If all 7 elemental stars combine, they can create the most powerful matter in the entire universe(s)- Aether.
To redeem your weekly news item, type in EARTHSTAR03 in the 'Treasure Book' page for a free item!

Ask Gaia[edit]


Q: What'll happen during the Easter celebration? (Submitted by a frequent shopper.)
A:Well, Sylvia told me that there will be lotsa eggs hidden around the mall for you to find. Each egg has a letter on it- and they're all in order. Type the word onto Aqua's talkpage to receive a load of Easter Goodies!

Q: Is it possible to investigate the Star of Te'rra and climb Mount Sakura? (Submitted by Gary.)
A:Hmm...Well, you can find the Stars of Life inside the Sacred Earth Shrine. If you pray on one of them, you'll receive a very special item from that element. And, the mountain is rather dangerous now... why don't you ask Sylvia?

Q: What type of puffle are you? (Submitted by PH.)
A: Gosh, that's a good question. I definitely know one thing for sure- my species doesn't come from this planet. Maybe I'm a Celestial Puffle. I wonder where they came from.....

Upcoming Events[edit]



Easter Treats now on SALE![edit]

Submitted by Sylvia
As you may have heard, this month, I'll be hosting ALL the events this April, so I'm pretty cuffed! Heh. Well, I've finally got the makers of Dolphin Diner to sell some more treats and goodies...not only for easter, but they'll be permanent additions to the diner's menu. Amazing! Don't forget to try them out if you can!
-Sylvia (Talk)

Item Selection[edit]

This week, Pastel Perfect's April catalog has been selected! Enjoy these beautiful and blossoming editions to your wardrobes.

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