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All orders should be directed here. Thanks.
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We are with you![edit]

Next time, when you are waddling around Club Penguin Shops Wiki, you won't be lonely any more! We at Lonely Penguin publish the best, most freuently-updated travel guides and tour books for you, at a relative cheap, affordable price! Our writers are getting around shops wiki getting you indormation of some of the malls and cities here. So, stay tuned!

Be part of Us[edit]

We welcome you! To join part of us, simply message Dps04 and you can be the author of lonely penguin books yourself!

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Want our Lonely Penguin Books featuring YOUR City / country / mall?[edit]

It is possible! Request your book here! Remember to tell us the following things:

  1. The name of your city / country / mall.
  2. Send us a background picture of your book! The picture should have (most preferrably) a dimension of 900 x 1350 pixels. You may also send us pictures of a similar size or pictures with the same width and length ratio for your book background.
  3. Any additional information for your book cover.

Each Custom Book costs 8WB$. Thanks.

Travel Guide Books[edit]

Here are a range of Books we have here at Lonely Penguin Books cost 7 WB$.


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